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Can you believe I’m already 30 weeks pregnant?

Baby X is growing and continues to be a healthy babe within the womb. Thankfully I feel pretty darn wonderful compared to my previous 2 pregnancies (no throwing up, hardly any queasiness, no headaches…) Aside from 2 sinus infections, swollen feet (that’s what I get for working full-time while preggers) and the occasional pain in my lower left backside…this pregnancy has been fantastic. It totally reminded me why, even though I was miserable during the 1st and 3rd trimester with both of my previous pregnancies, I always loved being pregnant. So much so, that I would even consider being a surrogate.

During Labor Day weekend my best friend/assistant Becky and I were in North Caroline to document the beautiful wedding of Brittany & Mike and before heading back to GA, we took some maternity pictures to commemorate my 3rd trimester, and most likely what will be my final pregnancy. (Unless the Lord has other plans for me…again.)

Thanks Becky for taking these beautiful images of me. I will forever cherish them!


This is me – raw, with stretchmarks, cellulite and then some, but above all: loving Baby X so much already.



Can you believe I’m already 30 weeks pregnant?

Baby X w├Ąchst stetig und ist soweit ein sehr gesundes Baby in meinem Bauch. Gl├╝cklicherweise f├╝hl ich mich pudelwohl in dieser Schwangerschaft im Vergleich zu meinen 2 vorherigen. Ich musste mich bisher kein einziges Mal ├╝bergeben, hatte kaum ├ťbelkeit an sich, keinerlei Kopfschmerzen…etc. Bisher konnte ich nur von 2 Sinusinfektionen, geschwollenen F├╝├čen (die kommen aber besonders davon weil ich ja immernoch Vollzeit am arbeiten bin) und Schmerzen ab und zu an meinem linken unteren R├╝cken. Meine Schwangerschaft ist also bisher wirklich wundervoll verlaufen und ich kann mich nicht wirklich Beklagen. Ich wei├č jetzt auch wieder warum ich immer geliebt habe Schwanger zu sein und sogar mit dem Gedanken gespielt habe eine Leihmutterschaft zu machen obwohl es mir ziehmlich mie├č w├Ąhrend dem 1. und 3. Trimester in Bezug auf ├ťbelkeit und Erbrechen ging mit den ersten 2.

Wir hatten Anfang September einen nationalen Feiertag an dem meine beste Freundin & Assistentin Becky und ich in North Carolina waren um den wundervollen Hochzeitstag von ┬áBrittany & Mike zu fotografieren. Bevor wir uns wieder auf den Heimweg nach Georgia machten, haben wir die Zeit genutzt um Schwangerschaftsfotos von mir zu machen. Ich muss ja nat├╝rlich diese Schwangerschafts├╝berraschung richtig festhalten. Plus, es sei denn der himml. Vater hat schon wieder andere Pl├Ąne f├╝r mich, wird dieses wirklich mein letztes Baby und meine letzte Schwangerschaft werden.

Vielen lieben Dank Becky f├╝r die wundervollen Fotos! Ich werde sie f├╝r immer sch├Ątzen und lieben.


Das bin ich – pur, mit Schwangerschaftsstreifen, Cellulitis & Co, aber was viel wichtiger ist: mit meinem Herz voller Liebe f├╝r Baby X.

Hair & Makeup: BRC Beauty

Photography: Becky Jones for BRC Photography

I’m not really sure where to begin but I think sharing with you my testimony of the Love and power of our Lord and God would be a pretty good place.

We each have trials and tribulations in our lives and often we find ourselves doubting in ourselves, in our Heavenly Father and that He is there – ALWAYS.

We have HUGE news and would love to share them with you all:

Yes. I guess you can say that when I decide to join the social media life again, I don’t just shuffle back in…I decide to re-join the virtual social life with a BANG!

We are super excited. I’m still semi in shock. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why: I have always been very vocal about my very own (in)fertility issues. I was diagnosed with too low levels of estrogen back when we first tried to have a baby way back when. After months of no success, I was finally tested and diagnosed and was put on hormone treatments to help me ovulate. Again, we had to wait a few months but then we conceived our oldest: Zaynah. Fast forward to our conception of the twins: Mikalah & Caleb. Same spiel, same problem, same solution. 16+ years of never needing any protection because I just could never conceive on my own anyways. During our first year in Oklahoma (over 7 years ago!) Craig expressed the desire to maybe try again for another baby. The twins by then were about 5. I prayed, I fasted and went to my bishop asking for a blessing to help guide me in finding the right answer whether or not to try again. The answer I received was: No. Our family is complete. Fast forward again. First year in Missouri (now over 2.5 years ago) Craig once again mentioned the desire. Here I was again, on my knees in prayer, fasting and receiving a blessing from my bishop, even talking and consulting with friends I had who had children with a larger age gap, because by then the twins were already 9 years old! Well…my answer yet again was: No. Our family is complete. I felt horrid. I felt like I was letting Craig down. And I even “joked” about this with friends whom I have shared these experiences with because I felt like I was that petulant child asking my Heavenly Father over and over for the same darn thing when he had already given me an answer to said question. I always used it as a perfect example of what a loving and patient parent He is.  Well…fast forward to end of March almost April of this year when I jokingly took a home pregnancy test because my PMS symptoms were lasting longer than usual. Turns out, I was already 6 weeks pregnant by then! Yup. I literally almost fell off the potty when I read the results of that stick I peed on. (I didn’t realize that they now make digital versions because I don’t remember seeing those in the stores 12 years ago!)  I was full of conflicting emotions: shock, disbelief, excitement, doubt, fear, anxiety, SHOCK…lol

Needless to say: God decided that NOW was the right time and that He alone knows when the right time is and that I should ALWAYS just trust in Him to be there for me, to watch over me, guide and protect me. Or in this case bless me with another beautiful angel to join my crazy Cloward Clan.

I don’t want to call this baby an oops-baby because it isn’t. It was certainly not planned by us (and we sure as heck had the surprise of a lifetime) however it was obviously planned by God; and therefore it is HEAVEN sent.

Baby X is due November 21st 2017. We will definitely be extra happy and thankful this year during the Holidays!

  • June 26, 2017 - 1:58 pm

    Loraine Mojica McCall - So happy for you and for learning about your journey in being a mommy again! What joy that promotes much hope!

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