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I miss my family. I truly do. It honestly sucks not being able to hug, snuggle and just hang out with my parents, siblings and their families whenever the mood strikes me. We miss out on so much!

Moving here to Missouri has been the first time since leaving Germany back in 2002 that we have actual family close by. I’m super grateful for that!

Pick up the phone today and call your family. Or better yet, write them an old fashioned letter telling them how much you miss them and share some highlights of your current life with them. Be sure to include some printed pictures because otherwise it’s only half as fun! With most of us using social media and texting via WhatsApp etc., we tend to forget how exciting it is to actually receive a real postcard or letter in the mail instead of just sorting through bills or the usual spam. I’m a big fan of handwritten letters and notes. I have an abundance of fountain pens. Those expensive ones from Lamy, that no American ever uses or possibly has never even heard of. I also love my disposable fountain pens by Pilot. (My heart skipped a beat when I discovered those at a local shop in Norman, OK.) The feel and smell of fancy-shmanzy paper brings me joy. Did I mention that I am a pen horder??? No, really! I still have pencils and pens back from my childhood days. I love them THAT much!

I’m planning a trip to the post office to send out some good old fashion snail mail. I encourage you to do the same! Let your family and friends know how much you love and miss them!

Here are some impressions on film of my gorgeous nieces TC and one of Tomo who came to visit us back in July of 2012. Developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.




Even though I mainly shoot with my DSLR camera (my beloved Nikon D700) I occasionally pick up my film camera and shoot just for the joy of shooting film. (I picked up an old and used Nikon N70 35mm film camera and only shoot it coupled with my 85 f1.8D.) Unfortunately I have not been taking notes on what film or settings I have used in the past but will try to remember to do so from now on. Anyways, on moving day I re-discovered 10+ rolls of undeveloped film that I had shot over the last three plus years. So of course I immediately sent them in to Indie Film Lab to be developed and scanned. Thank you again to the guys over there for doing such a fabulous job on my rolls of forgotten memories. Because that is what it felt like to me when I downloaded the scans today. Some shoots I remembered taking some film shots alongside my D700. However, there were some rolls with moments captured of my kiddos back from 2010 that I had truly forgotten all about! I am so happy that I took those pictures and literally captured those memories on film. I don’t even care that some are out of focus or not perfectly exposed. LOL Some actually got ruined because Zaynah decided to just open up the back and check out what it looked like inside the camera. hahah Others were practice shots taken by Zaynah who wanted me to teach her how to really take pictures. So those images will go down in history as Zizi’s first ever film captures. They are of me. Mostly blurry. Nevertheless….precious!

So here’s to all those forgotten memories. May they be captured on film, in our hearts and minds, and never truly lost.



July 16, 2010
A family trip down to Dallas
We visited the Cowboys’ stadium and stopped by Lonesome Dove Equine Protection.


January 2012
Zizi clowning around.


April 2012
The last 3 images are Zizi’s first attempts with a film camera on manual settings.


July 2012
From Craig and I’s roadtrip to Louisiana at Oak Alley Plantation.


April 17, 2013
Mikalah & Snickers. Taken on a very windy afternoon at our home in Purcell, OK.
Snickers was a kitten I picked up at Walmart for free. She was actually pregnant at the time I took these pictures. Unfortunately this day happened to be the very last time we spent with her. I do not know if her or her kittens made it or if some wild animal got to her before she went into labor.

Kiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and SnickersKiwi and Snickers

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