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Playground fun {personal l oklahoma children photographer}

So we’re experiencing some very fine weather

Ice & Snow {personal l norman nature photographer}

I was so utterly bummed that, while we were in

Pine car derby {personal l norman portrait photographer}

The beginning of a new year, especially when

Hidden treasures {nature & landscapes l norman portrait photographer}

This is something I dearly miss in Oklahoma. Living

Merry Christmas 2009 {children l norman children portrait photographer}

We’ve arrived safe and sound in Oregon and are

Trick or Treat {personal}

Yup — it’s official!! I have by far the

Zi turns 6! {personal}

I know….I’m only about a month

I love my kids! {personal}

Seriously – I have the coolest kids

Little River Zoo {personal}

Alright…. after many complains from some of

I ♥ Faces….Wedding Bells {personal}

Hehe… I came across this contest today from I

The place I once called home {personal/nature}

I spent the last 2 weeks in Germany. Right around

Kiki & C.J. {personal}

Happy 4th Birthday to my little twin munchkins! I

Itsy bitsey snakey….. {personal}

…crawled up my front porch! yup – when I

Smurf warrior {personal}

Hahahahahaha….. I am still cracking up about

Blessings {personal}

I have a wonderful family, fantastic friends, a

M e e t   t h e   A r t i s t