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Terrible two’s

That’s what they say…. but I’m sure this cutie-pie


We’re getting down to business with our house

Manneken Pis

Hahaha … what a day, what a day! Let me tell you…

B-day/F-day/P-Day … What can I say?!

Today we were invited to Ryan’s birthday party. You

Z to the J

Well, in case you don’t remember I mentioned


Oh man, it’s been sooo hot & muggy these last

*Photo shoot Info for August*

Okay… I guess it is inevitable…too many people have

Sun +Popsicles = Fun

Preschool is so much fun! Zaynah loves it. And she’s


What a week! And I can’t believe the weekend is

Fun in the Sun – Part 2

Alright…here’s the other batch of promised photos

Love is in the Air

Last weekend, among all the other fun things we did,

Fun in the Sun – Part 1

We had such a terrific weekend. Lots of sunshine,

Hard at work

Today we finally caught a break from the rain and

Elder Who?!

It’s all about give and take, right? As long as you


OMG!!! Some of you might already know how obsessed I

M e e t   t h e   A r t i s t